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Theoretical Inquiries in Law

    Vol 19-2 07-2018: The Tragedy of the Commons at 50: Context, Precedents, and Afterlife
Table of Contents   /   Editorial Board   /   Introduction
* Alon Jasper, TIL Editorial Board
The Banality of the Commons: Efficiency Arguments Against Common Ownership Before Hardin
* Stuart Banner
Before the Tragedy of the Commons: Early Modern Economic Considerations of the Public Use of Natural Resources
* Nathaniel Wolloch
Commons and Environmental Regulation in History: The Water Commons Beyond Property and Sovereignty
* Alice Ingold
Cold-War Commons: Tragedy, Critique, and the Future of the Illiberal Problem Space
* Monica Eppinger
The 'Commons' Discourse on Marine Fisheries Resources: Another Antecedent to Hardin’s 'Tragedy'
* Harry N. Scheiber
Savagery, Civilization, and Property: Theories of Societal Evolution and Commons Theory
* David B. Schorr
Historicizing Elinor Ostrom: Urban Politics, International Development and Expertise in the U.S. Context (1970-1990)
* Fabien Locher
Indigenous Peoples, Political Economists and the Tragedy of the Commons
* Michel Morin
Commons and Cognition
* Carol M. Rose
Confronting Hardin: Trends and Approaches to the Commons in Historiography
* Giacomo Bonan
Give Us Back Our Tragedy: Nonrivalry in Intellectual Property Law and Policy
* Oren Bracha
Re-romanticizing Commons and Community in Israeli Discourse: Social, Economic, and Political Motives
* Amnon Lehavi
Impeachment by Judicial Review: Israel’s Odd System of Checks and Balances
* Yoav Dotan
Israel’s “Constitutional Revolution”: A Thought from Political Liberalism
* Frank I. Michelman
    Vol 19-1 01-2018: Fifty Years of Class Actions - A Global Perspective
Table of Contents   /   Editorial Board   /   Introduction
Keynote Address - The American Class Action: From Birth to Maturity
* Arthur R. Miller
Publicly Funded Objectors
* Elizabeth Chamblee Burch
Tiered Certification
* Shay Lavie
Can and Should the New Third-Party Litigation Financing Come to Class Actions?
* Brian T. Fitzpatrick
The Global Class Action and Its Alternatives
* Zachary D. Clopton
Class Actions in the United States and Israel: A Comparative Approach
* Alon Klement, Robert Klonoff
Regulation Through Litigation - Collective Redress in Need of a New Balance Between Individual Rights and Regulatory Objectives in Europe
* Brigitte Haar
Towards Collaborative Governance of European Remedial and Procedural Law?
* Fabrizio Cafaggi
Class Action Value
* Catherine Piche
When Pragmatism Leads to Unintended Consequences: A Critique of Australia’s Unique Closed Class Regime
* Vicki Waye, Vince Morabito
Rethinking the Relationship Between Public Regulation and Private Litigation: Evidence from Securities Class Action in China
* Robin Hui Huang
The Regime Politics Origins of Class Action Regulation
* Agustin Barroilhet
    Vol 18-2 07-2017: Sovereignty and Property
Table of Contents   /   Editorial Board   /   Introduction
Property and Sovereignty: How to Tell the Difference
* Arthur Ripstein
The Dialectics of Sovereignty and Property
* Sergio Dellavalle
Property’s Sovereignty
* Larissa Katz
Property, Sovereignty, and the Public Trust
* Laura S. Underkuffler
Sovereignty, Property and Empire: Early Modern English Contexts
* Martti Koskenniemi
The Human Right to Private Property
* Hanoch Dagan, Avihay Dorfman
Property and Sovereignty, Information and Audience
* Thomas W. Merrill
Sovereignty and the Politics of Property
* Eyal Benvenisti
Exclusion: Property Analogies in the Immigration Debate
* Jeremy Waldron
From Territorial to Monetary Sovereignty
* Katharina Pistor
Property and Sovereignty Imbricated: Why Religion Is Not an Excuse to Discriminate in Public Accommodations
* Joseph William Singer
Sovereignty, the Corporate Religious, and Jurisdictional/Political Pluralism
* Jean L. Cohen
    Vol 18-1 01-2017: Law, Economy, and Inequality
Table of Contents     Editorial Board  
* Yael Braudo, TIL Editorial Board
International Tax and Global Justice
* Tsilly Dagan
How Charitable Is the Charitable Contribution Deduction?
* Yoram Margalioth
Inequality Rediscovered
* David Singh Grewal, Jedediah Purdy
Competence, Desert and Trust: Why Are Women Penalized in Online Product Market Interactions?
* Tamar Kricheli-Katz, Tali Regev
Income Inequality: Not Your Usual Suspect in Understanding the Financial Crash and Great Recession
* Matthew P. Drennan
The New Inequality of Old Age: Implications for Law
* Anne L. Alstott
Forces of Federalism, Safety Nets, and Waivers
* Edward H. Stiglitz
Putting Distribution First
* Robert Hockett
What’s Law Got to Do with It? Crisis, Growth, Inequality and the Alternative Futures of Legal Thought
* Tamara Lothian
In Memory of Tamara Lothian
* -
    Vol 17-2 07-2016: The Constitution of Information: From Gutenberg to Snowden
Table of Contents     Editorial Board  
* Yael Braudo, TIL Editorial Board
The Regulatory State in the Information Age
* Julie E. Cohen
The Policy Battle over Information and Digital Policy Regulation: A Canadian Perspective
* Michael Geist
Technological Tattletales and Constitutional Black Holes: Communications Intermediaries and Constitutional Constraints
* Lisa M. Austin
Platform Neutrality: Enhancing Freedom of Expression in Spheres of Private Power
* Frank Pasquale
Taking Notice Seriously: Information Delivery and Consumer Contract Formation
* Margaret Jane Radin
Thoughts on Techno-Social Engineering of Humans and the Freedom to Be Off (or Free from Such Engineering)
* Brett Frischmann
Freedom to Tinker
* Pamela Samuelson
Technological Neutrality: Recalibrating Copyright in the Information Age
* Carys J. Craig
Intellectual Property, Antitrust, and the Rule of Law: Between Private Power and State Power
* Ariel Katz
Compounding Errors: Why Heightened Regulation and Taxation Are Bad Antidotes for Recessions and Income Inequality
* Richard A. Epstein
    Vol 17-1 01-2016: Labor Organizing and the Law
Table of Contents     Editorial Board     Preface  
Introduction: Labor Scholarship in an Era of Uncertainty
* Benjamin I. Sachs
Reframing the New Deal: The Past and Future of American Labor and the Law
* Jefferson Cowie
The Right Not to Have Rights: Posted Worker Acquiescence and the European Union Labor Rights Framework
* Nathan Lillie
Organizing: Should the Employer Have a Say?
* Pnina Alon-Shenker, Guy Davidov
Workplace Democracy and Democratic Worker Organizations: Notes on Worker Centers
* Catherine L. Fisk
Organizing Workers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico: The Authoritarian-Corporatist Legacy and Old Institutional Designs in a New Context
* Graciela Bensusan
Organizing Workers in “Hybrid Systems”: Comparing Trade Union Strategies in Four Countries - Austria, Germany, Israel and the Netherlands
* Guy Mundlak
Trade Union Ambivalence Toward Enforcement of Employment Standards as an Organizing Strategy
* Ingrid Landau, John Howe
Unionizing Subcontracted Labor
* Hila Shamir
The Untamed Politics of Urban Informality: “Gray Space” and Struggles for Recognition in an African City
* Ilda Lindell, Christine Ampaire
Informal Workers’ Aggregation and Law
* Supriya Routh
Active Industrial Citizenship of Domestic Workers: Lessons Learned from Unionizing Attempts in Israel and the United Kingdom
* Einat Albin, Virginia Mantouvalou
Organizing in the Shadows: Domestic Workers in the Netherlands
* Margriet Kraamwinkel
    Vol 16-2 2015: Sovereignty as Trusteeship for Humanity: Historical Antecedents and Their Impact on International Law
Table of Contents
Editorial Board
* Yael Braudo, TIL Editorial Board
Sovereignty and Natural Law in the Legal Discourse of the Ancien R?gime
* Michel Troper
Kelsen, Heller and Schmitt: Paradigms of Sovereignty Thought
* David Dyzenhaus
On Sovereignty, Legitimacy, and Solidarity Or: How Can a Solidaristic Idea of Legitimate Sovereignty Be Justified?
* Sergio Dellavalle
A Genealogy of State Sovereignty
* Lorenzo Zucca
Early Modern Sovereignty and Its Limits
* Benjamin Straumann
Sovereign Trusteeship and Empire
* Andrew Fitzmaurice
Three Grotian Theories of Humanitarian Intervention
* Evan J. Criddle
Sovereignty as Trusteeship and Indigenous Peoples
* Evan Fox-Decent, Ian Dahlman
The Paradoxes of Sovereigns as Trustees of Humanity: Concluding Remarks
* Eyal Benvenisti
    Vol 16-1 2015: Financial Regulation and Comparative Corporate Governance
Table of Contents
* Yael Braudo
The Corporate Governance Movement, Banks, and the Financial Crisis
* Brian R. Cheffins
A State of Inaction: Regulatory Preferences, Rent, and Income Inequality
* Barak Orbach
Officers’ and Directors’ Liability Under German Law - A Potemkin Village
* Gerhard Wagner
Dividend Policy with Controlling Shareholders
* Maribel Saez, Maria Gutierrez
The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Nonfinancial Firms: The Case of Brazilian Corporations and the “Double Circularity” Problem in Transnational Securities Litigation
* Erica Gorga
Corporate Fiduciary Duties and Prudential Regulation of Financial Institutions
* Edward M. Iacobucci
Quack Corporate Governance, Round III? Bank Board Regulation Under the New European Capital Requirement Directive
* Luca Enriques, Dirk Zetzsche
Brave New World: A Proposal for Institutional Investors
* Sharon Hannes
The Vickrey-Clarke-Groves “Pivotal Mechanism” as an Alternative to Voting for Organizational Control
* Yair Listokin
Self-Selection and Heterogeneity in Firms’ Choice of Corporate Law
* Michal Barzuza