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The Effect of Terrorism on Housing Rental Prices: Evidence from Jerusalem
Author: Nadav Ben Itzhak
Discussion Paper 2018.08, 09-2018
September 2015 was the beginning of a new large-scale terror wave in Israel, hitting Jerusalem more than any other major city. Considering this terror wave as an exogenous shock to the housing rental market in Jerusalem, this study analyzes its effect on rental prices compared to Tel-Aviv and within Jerusalem. Immediately after the beginning of the terror wave, rental prices in Jerusalem declined, compared to Tel-Aviv, reaching a 2%-3% decrease within a year..
Estimated Natural Rate of Interest in an Open Economy: The Case of Israel
Author: David Elkayam, Guy Segal
Discussion Paper 2018.05, 07-2018
The new Keynesian framework as presented in Clarida et al. (2002) suggests that in an open economy, the natural rate of interest consists of a local component (the expected growth of domestic total factor productivity) and a global component (the expected growth of world output). We estimate an augmented Taylor-type rule for Israel and confirm that the above-mentioned components contain valuable information about the monetary interest rate.
The Immediate Impact and Persistent Effect of FX Purchases on the Exchange Rate
Author: Itamar Caspi, Amit Friedman, Sigal Ribon
Discussion Paper 2018.04, 06-2018
Long Term Care in Israel
Author: Maya Haran Rosen, etc.
Discussion Paper 2018.01, 03-2018
Does Financial Regulation Unintentionally Ignore Less Privileged Populations? The Investigation of a Regulatory Fintech Advancement, Objective and Subjective Financial Literacy
Author: Maya Haran Rosen, Orly Sade
Discussion Paper 2017.10, 08-2017
A Structural VAR Model for Estimating the Link between Monetary Policy and Home Prices in Israel
Author: Dana Orfaig
Discussion Paper 2017.09, 09-2017
Recovery Rates in the Israeli Corporate Bond Market 20082015
Author: Ana Sasi-Brodesky
Discussion Paper 2017.07, 07-2017
The Term Premium in a Small Open Economy: A Micro-Founded Approach
Author: Alex Ilek, Irit Rozenshtrom*
Discussion Paper 2017.06, 07-2017
The Effect of Credit Constraints on Housing Choices: The Case of LTV limit
Author: Nitzan Tzur-Ilan
Discussion Paper 2017.03, 02-2017
Interest Rate in the Objective Function of the Central Bank and Monetary Policy Design
Author: Guy Segal
Discussion Paper 2017.02, 02-2017
Liquidity Constraints and Human Capital: The Impact of Welfare Policy on Arab Families in Israel
Author: Shay Tsur
Discussion Paper 2017.01, 01-2017
Has Inflation Targeting Become Less Credible? Oil Prices, Global Aggregate Demand and Inflation Expectations during the Global Financial Crisis
Author: Nathan Sussman, Osnat Zohar
Discussion Paper 2016.13, 11-2016
Financial Distress and Unconventional Monetary Policy in Financially Open Economies
By Eliezer Borenstein, David Elkayam
Discussion Paper 2016.09, 06-2016
Banks Strategies and Credit Spreads as Leading Indicators for the Real Business Cycles Fluctuations
By Emanuel Barnea, Yigal Menashe
Discussion Paper 2015.07, 10-2015
Testing for a Housing Bubble at the National and Regional Level: The Case of Israel
By Itamar Caspi
Discussion Paper 2015.05, 07-2015
The Effect of Fiscal and Monetary Policies and the Global Economy on Real Yields of Israel Government Bonds
By Adi Brender, Sigal Ribon
Discussion Paper 2015.02, 01-2015
Do Monthly Labor Force Surveys Affect Interviewees Labor Market Behavior? Evidence from Israel's Transition from Quarterly to Monthly Surveys
By Haggay Etkes
Discussion Paper 2014.06, 09-2014
Optimal monetary policy under heterogeneous beliefs of the central bank and the public
By Alex Ilek, Guy Segal
Discussion Paper 2014.01, 03-2014