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LTV Limits and Borrower Risk
Written by: Nitzan Tzur-Ilan
Discussion Paper 2018.12, 12-2018
It Takes M ore than Two to Tango: Understanding the Dynamics behind M ultiple Bank Lending and its Implications
Written by: Konstantin Kosenko, Noam Michelson
Discussion Paper 2018.11, 12-2018
The Effect of Terrorism on Housing Rental Prices: Evidence from Jerusalem
Written by: Nadav Ben Itzhak
Discussion Paper 2018.08, 09-2018
Estimated Natural Rate of Interest in an Open Economy: The Case of Israel
Written by: David Elkayam, Guy Segal
Discussion Paper 2018.05, 07-2018
The Immediate Impact and Persistent Effect of FX Purchases on the Exchange Rate
Written by: Itamar Caspi, Amit Friedman, Sigal Ribon
Discussion Paper 2018.04, 06-2018
Long Term Care in Israel
Written by: Maya Haran Rosen, etc.
Discussion Paper 2018.01, 03-2018
Does Financial Regulation Unintentionally Ignore Less Privileged Populations? The Investigation of a Regulatory Fintech Advancement, Objective and Subjective Financial Literacy
Written by: Maya Haran Rosen, Orly Sade
Discussion Paper 2017.10, 08-2017
A Structural VAR Model for Estimating the Link between Monetary Policy and Home Prices in Israel
Written by: Dana Orfaig
Discussion Paper 2017.09, 09-2017
Recovery Rates in the Israeli Corporate Bond Market 20082015
Written by: Ana Sasi-Brodesky
Discussion Paper 2017.07, 07-2017
The Term Premium in a Small Open Economy: A Micro-Founded Approach
Written by: Alex Ilek, Irit Rozenshtrom*
Discussion Paper 2017.06, 07-2017
The Effect of Credit Constraints on Housing Choices: The Case of LTV limit
Written by: Nitzan Tzur-Ilan
Discussion Paper 2017.03, 02-2017
Interest Rate in the Objective Function of the Central Bank and Monetary Policy Design
Written by: Guy Segal
Discussion Paper 2017.02, 02-2017
Liquidity Constraints and Human Capital: The Impact of Welfare Policy on Arab Families in Israel
Written by: Shay Tsur
Discussion Paper 2017.01, 01-2017
Has Inflation Targeting Become Less Credible? Oil Prices, Global Aggregate Demand and Inflation Expectations during the Global Financial Crisis
Written by: Nathan Sussman, Osnat Zohar
Discussion Paper 2016.13, 11-2016
Financial Distress and Unconventional Monetary Policy in Financially Open Economies
By Eliezer Borenstein, David Elkayam
Discussion Paper 2016.09, 06-2016
Banks Strategies and Credit Spreads as Leading Indicators for the Real Business Cycles Fluctuations
By Emanuel Barnea, Yigal Menashe
Discussion Paper 2015.07, 10-2015
Testing for a Housing Bubble at the National and Regional Level: The Case of Israel
By Itamar Caspi
Discussion Paper 2015.05, 07-2015
The Effect of Fiscal and Monetary Policies and the Global Economy on Real Yields of Israel Government Bonds
By Adi Brender, Sigal Ribon
Discussion Paper 2015.02, 01-2015
Do Monthly Labor Force Surveys Affect Interviewees Labor Market Behavior? Evidence from Israel's Transition from Quarterly to Monthly Surveys
By Haggay Etkes
Discussion Paper 2014.06, 09-2014
Optimal monetary policy under heterogeneous beliefs of the central bank and the public
By Alex Ilek, Guy Segal
Discussion Paper 2014.01, 03-2014