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Immigration Detention in Israel, Annual Monitoring Report 2017
Author: Sigal Rozen
Date Published: 03-2018
Caregivers from Eastern Europe
Author: Sigal Rozen
Date Published: 01-2017
This report seeks to describe the working conditions of about 10,000 female migrant workers from eastern Europe who are employed in the caregiving sector in Israel. These migrant workers enjoy much less communal support compared to migrant workers from east Asia. The women from eastern Europe are more isolated and hence increasingly vulnerable. The report is based on interviews, conducted in November and December 2016, of 36 female migrant workers, most of them from Moldova, but also the Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Romania, and on interviewes conducted with Idit Leibowitz, the Caregiving Sector Coordinator at the NGO Kav LaOved over the past seven years, and on reports, regulations and other publications.
Forgotten in Prison: The Prolonged Detention of Migrants
Author: Sigal Rozen
Date Published: 12-2016
Reappears: New Testimonies from Sinai
Author: Elizabeth Tsurkov
Date Published: 12-2016
Trafficking In Persons in Israel - 2015 Monitoring Report
Author: Sigal Rozen, Sam Kuttner
Date Published: 04-2016
Immigration Detention in Israel. Yearly Monitoring 2015
Author: Sam Kuttner, Sigal Rozen
Date Published: 02-2016
Rwanda or Saharonim: Monitoring report - Asylum seekers at the Holot facility
Author: Sigal Rozen
Date Published: 07-2015
Where there is No Free Will: Israel’s “Voluntary Return” procedure for asylum-seekers
Author: Adi Drori Avraham, Sigal Rozen, Nimrod Avigal
Date Published: 04-2015
No Safe Haven: Israeli asylum policy as applied to Eritrean and Sudanese citizens
Author: Eli Shani, Shira Ayal, Yonatan Berman, Sigal Rozen
Date Published: 12-2014
The Detention Review Tribunals
Author: Nimrod Avigal
Date Published: 12-2014