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Bimkom - Planners for Planning Right

Deliberately Planned: A Policy to Thwart Planning in the Palestinian Neighborhoods of Jerusalem
Written by: Aviv Tatarsky, Efrat Cohen-Bar
Publ. Date: 02-2017
Access to Natural Resources: A necessity for the existence of the herding communities in Area C
Research and writing: Amal Zuabi, Shuli Hartman, Alon Cohen Lifshitz
Publ. Date: 2017
The effect of forced transfer on Bedouin women
Research and writing: Diana Mardi, Asmahan Simry
Publ. Date: 2017
This position paper was written against the backdrop of Israel’s plans to establish a new town north of Jericho - a town called Nweima - and to relocate some 2,000 families from several tribes within its limited area. Bimkom filed objections to the plans, in the name of 100 women from these tribes. The position paper is based on meetings and conversations with Bedouin women in the Judean Desert, who have been forcibly relocated in recent decades.
Trapped by Planning: Israeli Policy, Planning and Development in the Palestinian Neighborhoods of East Jerusalem
Research and writing: Efrat Cohen-Bar
Publ. Date: 2014
The document describes the state of planning, building, and development in the Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem in the light of decades of Israeli-government demographic and territorial policy.
Presenting an historical review of almost fifty years of Israeli planning and development in East Jerusalem, the document includes a survey of the plans drawn up by the Israeli authorities for the Palestinian neighborhoods from 1967 to this day, and demonstrates how this planning has left the neighborhoods with extremely limited prospects for development, in terms both both public infrastructure and private residential construction.
Violations of Civil and Political Rights in the Realm of Planning and Building in Israel and the Occupied Territories. Shadow Report
Written by: Sharon Karni-Kohn
Publ. Date: 09-2014
This shadow report is a response to the periodic report submitted by the State of Israel (No. CCPR/C/ISR/ 4) on October 14, 2013, pertaining to the implementation of its obligations under the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR).
The shadow report was prepared by the NGO Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights, which has been working for some 15 years to integrate aspects of human rights and social rights into planning and building.