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Through the Lens of Israel's Interests: The Civil Administration in the West Bank
Research and writing: Yonatan Kanonich
Date Published: Position paper, 12-2017
Law enforcement on Israeli civilians in the West Bank
Date Published: Data Sheet, 12-2017
The Great Drain: Israeli quarries in the West Bank: High Court sanctioned institutionalized theft
Date Published: 09-2017
Crime without Punishment: Law enforcement in cases of illegal construction and violation of judicial and administrative orders by Israelis in the West Bank
Date Published: 01-2017
Law Enforcement on Israeli soldiers suspected of harming Palestinians. Figures for 2015
Date Published: 01-2017
Fact Sheet for Landowners. How to Protect Your Rights when Antiquities are Discovered on Your Property
Written by: Chemi Shiff
Date Published: 12-2016
Land Takeover Practices Employed by Israel in the West Bank. Summary of legal proceedings with which Yesh Din assisted, 2006-2016
Date Published: 09-2016
From Occupation to Annexation: The Silent Adoption of the Levy Report on Retroactive Authorization of Illegal Construction in the West Bank
Research and Writing: Ziv Stahl
Date Published: 02-2016
Standing Idly By: IDF Soldiers' Inaction in the Face of Offenses Perpetrated by Israelis Against Palestinians in the West Bank
Research and Writing: Eyal Hareuveni
Date Published: 05-2015
Prosecutions Data Sheet
Research and Writing: Ziv Stahl
Date Published: 05-2015
UNDER THE RADAR: Israel’s silent policy of transforming unauthorized outposts into official settlements
Research and Writing: Ziv Stahl
Date Published: 03-2015
SHADOW REPORT TO THE FOURTH PERIODIC REPORT OF ISRAEL: Israel’s Compliance with the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights
112th Session of the Human Rights Committee
Date Published: 08-09-2014
Unprecedented: A Legal Analysis of the Report of the Committee to Examine the Status of Building in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank] (“The Levy Committee”): International and Administrative Aspects
Date Published: 01-2014