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California-Israel Global Innovation Partnership
Date: 06-2020
Migration to and from Jerusalem 2017
Authors: Michal Korach, Maya Choshen
Date: No. 521 2020
Israeli Water System. A Circular Economy Business Model Case
Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Sapir Academic College
Date: 08-2019
Innovative Solutions to the Municipality of Jerusalem's Fiscal Problem
Author: Ryan Macks
Date: No. 124 07-2019
Designing an Israeli development financing platform: Towards Sustainable Development Goals
Date: Financial Innovations LabĀ® Report, 06-2019
Indicators of the Quality of Life in Jerusalem - A Subjective Assessment
The Jubilee Plan: Quality of Life
Authors: Michal Korach, Tami Gavrieli
Date: Publ. 510 2019
Shared Spaces on the Seam - Jerusalem's City Parks . Design Research
Authors: Ya'ara Issar, Maier Yagod, Murad Natsheh, Marik Shtern, Dafna Shemer
Date: No. 499 2019
Tourism Tax in Jerusalem: Promoting Tourism Development
Publ. Date: Policy Brief, 11-2018
Civil Society in Jerusalem - Methodical Research and Mapping
Authors: Lior Regev, Marik Shtern, Erela Ganan
Publ. Date: 07-2018
Israel's Bridge to Developing Economies
Date: Policy Brief, 01-2018
Jerusalem: Facts and Trends. The State of the City and Changing Trends
Maya Choshen, Michal Korach, etc.
Publ. Date: 2012-2017
Peace Talks on Jerusalem: A Review of the Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Concerning Jerusalem 1993-2013
The JIIS Studies Series 432, 2013
Jerusalem- Some Legal Issues
Ruth Lapidoth
The JIIS Studies Series 415, 2011