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Publ. Date: 2012 - 2017
Proportionality in Public Policy: The Balance between Rights and Public Interests in Decision-Making
Projekt Summary, 09-2019
Civil Elements in National Security Decision-Making
Author: Efraim Chalamish
Series: Research Report, 10-2015
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Secrecy, Security, and Oversight of Targeted Killing Operations
Author: Shiri Krebs etc.
Series: Policy Paper 9E, 08-2015
Reforming Israel's Political System: A Plan for the Knesset
Authors: Yohanan Plesner, Gideon Rahat,
Publ. Date: 05-2015
Religion and the Discourse of Human Rights
Authors: Hanoch Dagan, Shahar Lifshitz, Yedidia Z. Stern
Published: 2014
Combatants Dressed as Civilians? The Case of the Israeli Mista’arvim under International Law
Author: Ido Rosenzweig
Published: Policy Paper, 8e 2014
A Reexamination of Administrative Detention in a Jewish and Democratic State
Author: Elad Gil
Published: Policy Paper, 7e 2011
Religion and State: The Role of Halakhah
Author: Yedidia Z. Stern
Published: Position Paper, 6e: State, Law, and Halakhah, 3 12-2004
The Political and Social Ramifications of Evacuating Settlements in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip
Author: Yair Sheleg
Published: Position Paper, 5e 10-2004
Facing Painful Choices: Law and Halakhah in Israeli Society
State, Law, and Halakhah, 2
Author: Yedidia Z. Stern
Published: English Policy Paper, 4 03-2003
Incitement, Not Sedition
Authors: Mordechai Kremnitzer, Khalid Ghanayim
Year Published: Position Paper, 3 08-2002
State, Law, and Halakhah, Part 1: Civil Leadership as Halakhic Authority
Author: Yedidia Z. Stern
Published: Position Paper, 2e 12-2001
Religious and Secular Jews in Israel: A Kulturkampf?
Author: Aviezer Ravitzky
Published: Position Paper, 1e 12-2000