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Bimkom - Planners for Planning Right

Deliberately Planned: A Policy to Thwart Planning in the Palestinian Neighborhoods of Jerusalem
Written by: Aviv Tatarsky, Efrat Cohen-Bar
Publ. Date: 02-2017
Access to Natural Resources: A necessity for the existence of the herding communities in Area C
Research and writing: Amal Zuabi, Shuli Hartman, Alon Cohen Lifshitz
Publ. Date: 2017
The effect of forced transfer on Bedouin women
Research and writing: Diana Mardi, Asmahan Simry
Publ. Date: 2017
Trapped by Planning: Israeli Policy, Planning and Development in the Palestinian Neighborhoods of East Jerusalem
Research and writing: Efrat Cohen-Bar
Publ. Date: 2014
Violations of Civil and Political Rights in the Realm of Planning and Building in Israel and the Occupied Territories. Shadow Report
Written by: Sharon Karni-Kohn
Publ. Date: 09-2014